My Bottega Story – You DESERVE what you DESIRE...

I’ve lived in a mentality of lack most of my life. Convincing myself that luxury was for people separate of me. Sure, I desired to have high fashion items, but did I think I could afford or even deserve them genuinely? NO! The reason I’m unsure of, but in exploring and growing in self love; I’m in a place where I KNOW I deserve any and everything I desire, material or not.

I know the type of lifestyle I intend to live and provide for my future family, and realistically, it starts in the mind. Just convincing yourself that you deserve more isn’t enough after so much time. The ‘one day’ attitude doesn’t help in manifesting abundance.

Abundance is an energetic mindset. Holding too tightly or loosely to the things or situations desired often repel the desired outcome. Being in the flow of energy is allowing things to flow around you, in AND out. I find the more I take on the attitude of treating myself to the things I desire and deserve, the more these things come to me.

I decided to treat myself. I have wanted a pair of Bottega shoes for a long time. I studied fashion in school, and lets be real in life too because I love it. I learned a lot about high fashion houses and origins, quality and just all around trends.
This brand cares about quality, fit and look. Everything is meticulously curated and designed. But that price tag!!! I could never understand how someone could spend what would seem like a months rent on an item to wear. But I also understand that my abundance is in my own self, not in my bank account. I attract to me what I desire, thus never leaving room for the question of how I can acquire something.

Basically what I’m trying to say is I jumped out the window and bought my first pair of Bottega heels! And baby, I don’t regret spending 1 cent of the $900 I dropped. I should’ve BEEN treating myself without question, because the reality is, I DESERVE IT. I work damn hard and I bought them on my own, I am my own sugar mama and I LOVE IT.

I hope this can motivate you to manifest what you desire without feeling like you don’t deserve it! You deserve everything positive in this world, simply for being your own unique, genuine self!


I feel like I’m walking on clouds in these shoes and they are literally the most comfortable heels I’ve EVER owned.

Photo-opp and unboxing below 🙂